Diversity with Equity

Academic institutions have struggled to create and sustain a diverse campus community with diversity valued at all levels.  Efforts have focused on recruitment, but without consideration of equity issues, diversity tends to be short-lived and unable to produce long term cultural change.  BeoGrin Consulting can help identify strategies to produce and sustain diversity with equity.

Strategic Alignment

Academic institutions vest authority and communicate at many levels, presenting significant challenges for creating strategic goals.  In particular, it is a challenge to have all constituencies feel that they have played a significant role in the crafting of a strategic plan and to align various groups to strategic goals that they might not favor but that most other constituencies do.  BeoGrin Consulting can help identify processes that enable strategic alignment while recognizing the culture of each campus.


Universities and colleges have not always been able to keep current with the evolving expectations of students, staff, faculty and legislators regarding decision-making.  BeoGrin Consulting can review institutional governance structures and identify potential areas for change.

Leadership Transition

Leaders of academic institutions face a very steep learning curve when they step into new positions.  BeoGrin Consulting can help smooth transitions by identifying particular challenges presented with a given transition and means of overcoming them quickly.

Vendor/Academia Interactions

Colleges and universities operate almost as autonomous cities, providing housing, food, medical services, and recreational activities along with the academic core. The modern model of academic institutions requires them to either outsource some services or, at a minimum, to interact extensively with outside vendors.  BeoGrin Consulting can aid in these interactions by helping nonacademic businesses understand college and university culture, so that vendor/academia relationships go more smoothly.

Executive Coaching

Leaders in academic institutions rarely are trained for the political, social, and fiscal realities they meet as they enter administrative positions.  BeoGrin Consulting can help by serving as a neutral party interested only in the success of its clients in their home institutions. Our knowledge of higher education systems means we are particularly well suited for coaching those in academic administration.